About Us

“Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani


The Designer

Hi! My name is Cami. I am the designer and gears within the business that I have created. This business was created because I wanted to design and create something completely unique. First of all, fashion has always been at the forefront of my mind. With fashion, I am able to play the character of the outfit that I am wearing. It goes along with another love of mine. My love of the theater and the spectacular outfits that can be seen in film productions.  Fashion is my passion. I have found that I can be professional and all business during the day and fall easily into romantic by evening.

Corsets are unique in themselves and very different from ordinary clothing. They have structure and a personality of their own. I found that just wearing a corset to a restaurant or an event for the evening creates quite a stir. All eyes turn and I often hear gasps as conversations stop. I have learned to be prepared for dramatic reactions when a corset is worn.

My Struggles

I have to admit that my struggles in corset making have always been with the perfect fit. How much smaller do I need to make the pattern and mock-up to achieve the size the client wants to be? Once you’ve put the “pair of bodies” together, as a corset was initially called, you can’t change the size. I am quite a perfectionist and pay attention to detail. This can lead to great frustration but an exhilarating reward at the finishing stage as well.

My Journey

My journey in corset making is very different from the bridal gown business that I created before. It is my dream come true in many ways. I can see the unbelievable happiness on the faces of my clients when I create a dream for them. So I ask myself, “What do my clients want? Are they searching for a costume or something for a special event?  Do they want something demure or revealing and provocative?”

With my unlimited imagination, I believe it would take several lifetimes to create all the ideas I have in my mind. Unfortunately, I have only one.

Why We Stand Out

What about us stands out as a custom corset designer?  Because when you wear one Sultry Lady’s beautiful, original, custom designed corsets, you’ll be wearing more than just a pretty item of clothing.

First of all, you’ll be luxuriating in a one-of-a-kind corset that fits like a glove. It will reflect your specific fantasy style. Therefore, you will look and feel gorgeous. Dancing through the streets in a parade or attending a masquerade ball, you’re sure to turn heads in your stunning, one of a kind corset.

The way that we are able to make that happen is due to the quality construction of our corsets:

  • We use only the highest quality products available
  •  There are multiple layers of fabrics in the construction
  •  Double layers of heavy duty flexible boning and steel boning are used
  •  Both a front and back modesty panel is included at no extra cost
  •  Heavy duty grommets and strong durable lacing
  •  Custom fit to your measurements, with a mock-up muslin,   made beforehand at (no extra cost!)
  •  FREE custom cloth corset cover to protect your valuable investment
  •  We are easy to communicate with and available for all your questions and requests
  •  We will make any extra items for your personalized outfit. Or, we will put you in contact with someone who can.
  •   Completely original design guaranteed to capture attention
  •   The BEST choice to create and construct your beautiful custom corset!
The Final Pattern Is Made For A Custom Corset
mockup ready for fitting


At Sultry Lady Corsets, we strive to do everything differently. We want to be known as ‘just a little bit better’. A notch above the rest. One of the ways that we accomplish this is with our exclusive branding. Our specialized labels and ribbons show continuity throughout our designs. We have a proprietary pearl tag engraved with our Sultry Lady Corsets name. You will not find it anywhere else. Do not settle for a cheap imitation. And finally, look for the Sultry lady Corsets name and you will find real quality.

Sultry Lady Corsets Labels and Ribbons

Sultry Lady Corsets Pearl Label