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Here’s the story.

You’ve got a special event coming up. It’s important to you and you want to make a lasting impression.

You decide to go all out and wear a corset. It makes a unique statement and you’ll probably be the only one there wearing one. Automatic two points!

But you know very little about corsets so you begin your research. You begin to read blogs about corsets.

As it turns out they have a lot more history than you knew about. And there’s so much to learn. But it’s interesting so you continue reading.

Before you know it you’re ready to find just the right one. You feel a sense of accomplishment. The event is going to be a smash hit. You’re confident. And a big boost to your ego won’t hurt either.

So how does Sultry Lady Corsets come in? 

We are the premier custom corset maker!

Design: We design custom corsets or entire outfits that are both beautiful and original. Furthermore, your dream up can come to life with our designs.

Process: Once you’ve decided on the look you want and provided us with your measurements, we begin the process. The custom fit is made perfect by the construction of a mock-up of your corset. On this mock-up, adjustments are made to get the fit exact.

Construction: Our expert seamstresses are meticulous in fashioning your garment. Many layers of fabric, interfacing, and boning are used to create the perfect corset. The embellishments have no boundaries.

Modesty: Custom corsets aren’t really for the modest or shy. However, we provide the front and back modesty panels at no extra cost. Additionally, we use heavy duty grommets and strong, durable lacing. You can dance the night away without worry about a wardrobe malfunction!

Durability: Most of all, our custom corsets are made to last for many years. From the sturdy multi-layer construction to the FREE protective cloth cover that comes with each of our custom corsets. Your unique corset will retain its shape and beauty for years to come.

Complete Outfits: We design and make extra items to go with our custom corsets. So if you want a brocade miniskirt, leather cuffs, a peasant blouse or a swashbuckling pirate hat to help you achieve just the right look, leave it to us. If for any reason your request is something we can’t do, we will put you in touch with someone who can.

Communication: We pride ourselves on remaining in contact with our customers during the process of creating our custom corsets. We encourage our customers to message us. Ask any questions you have and describe personal preferences. We are always available by email and will return your calls promptly.

In conclusion

Sultry Lady custom corsets are stunning, original, and made to last. Whether you transform yourself into a princess bride, a cowgirl or a cat o’ nine tails wielding pirate, you’ll grab and hold attention.

Our blogs are here to help you explore the world of corsets and how they relate to fashion. Be informed. Be entertained.

Please feel free to leave a comment! I love your feedback.

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