Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about ordering a corset?

a) First, write down all your frequently asked questions so that you will remember to ask about everything that concerns you.

b) Next, take all your measurements as instructed in the measurement section.

c) Fill out the order form and email it to us:

d) Remember to add your contact information so that we can get back to you for further discussion.

Can I have a corset made from my own design or can you help me design it?

Absolutely! Once you place the order we will contact you to discuss the specifics of the corset. Or, you can simply email us with your ideas and we can go from there. That’s where the fun begins!

Can a corset actually be comfortable?

Of course, it will depend on how tight you lace your corset, but our corsets are designed for comfort. Add beauty and a fun design and you are a show stopper.

How long will it take to get my corset once I have started the process?

The standard time frame is 6-8 weeks. This can be more of quite a bit less, depending on the complexity of the corset. If you are having other items made to go with your ensemble this will be factored into the time frame. This is a custom corset designed and made specifically for you. We do not keep custom corsets on hand. We will let you know approximately how long it will take when we determine your design.

Do you accept rush orders?

Occasionally we will accept rush orders, dependent on our workload. There is a 50% non-refundable rush order charge and is dependent on the client’s ability to work within the fitting time frames.

Everyone is shaped differently. How do I get a corset with a custom fitting?

All of our corsets are custom-fit with a muslin mock-up that we send to you before we start on the actual corset. You will try this on, making any notations on the mock-up, take photos for us, and then send it back to us. If you desire a more custom fitting, you are welcome to come to us.

How much smaller will my figure get with a corset?

Depending on how tight you lace the corset, you can reduce your size by 2-6 inches! We advise that you lace it comfortably snug to start, cinching it up tighter once that is comfortable. Starting out with a fairly snug lacing, you can immediately reduce your size by 3-4 inches! And believe it or not, you can get used to that pretty quick.

How many hours at a time can I wear a corset?

That depends entirely on your tolerance level. Corsets wearers have danced the night away, rode motorcycles in them, and worn them 24 hours at a time. It all depends on you.

What kind of fabrics do you use?

We do not like to think that we are ever limited to a certain kind of fabric or material for a corset. The imagination has no such limits! We use the best quality of fabric ranging from (but not exclusive to) cotton, satin, mesh, velvet, vinyl, leather, and lace for the outside. We use heavy duty tightly woven coutil cotton for the lining. This is breathable and has the best weight for structure and body. The only material we do not work with is heavy gauge leather. That requires different machines and we recommend that you work directly with someone that can do that. The outer embellishments can be as elaborate as you wish. We are not happy until you are happy with the final product.

What type of stabilizer do you use on the corset?

The durability and stability of the corset are determined by the many layers of fabric and the boning that is used. It can be made unrelentingly rigid or comfortably firm. Our boning ranges from rigid steel to woven steel, to a more flexible yet still rigid form of stabilizer that will not break down. Whereas other companies will charge you for additional boning, double boning is standard with all of our corsets. This keeps the body of the corset looking beautiful but is not so unyielding as to prevent you from breathing. We ALWAYS use steel busks for the front opening.

Can I wash my corset in the washing machine or send it to the dry cleaners?

We recommend NEITHER!  We will not guarantee or replace a corset that you have ruined by doing so. You do not want to toss your carefully made corset into the washing machine no matter how well it is made. The dry cleaners cannot promise that they will return your garment in the same condition that it went to them either. We DO recommend careful surface washing. This is usually all that is necessary. In past history, undergarments were worn under a corset so that the undergarments could be washed without compromising the construction of the outer corset. If you think that you may be wearing your corset for long periods of time or in hot weather, you may want to consider having an undergarment made for just that purpose.

Can you make other garments that I would like to complete my outfit? 

Yes, we can certainly custom make other items to complete your corset outfit. We do not do custom garment construction outside of this, however.

Do you make bridal corsets or corset gowns?

We would be thrilled to make a custom-designed bridal corset or gown for you! The measurements would be taken the same way as you would a standard corset and the process of ordering one would follow the same format. We would then be in extensive contact with you via email and phone consultations in order to achieve the look you desire.

Do you make corsets for men?

Yes, we do make corsets for men. The measurements would be taken the same way, with the exception of the bust measurements. Ordering would follow the same format.

What if I want to have a corset made for someone else?

We would still need the requires measurements. If you wish to surprise them, this could be arranged. Or you could simply purchase a gift certificate and allow them to make their own choices from there.

How does the pricing of the corset work?

We will give you an estimate of the cost of your garment with upper and lower limits in writing. Costs are subject to change somewhat as occasionally we are unable to procure a specific trim, fabric or embellishment. You will be notified in advance, however, to allow you the option to accept or deny the changes. We don’t want to hide something from you and send you into shock at the time of payment.

What if I have my own fabric that I want to use in my corset?

We can discuss this during the design stage of the process to determine the workability of the fabric.