How To Place An Order

How to place an order

Are you wondering about how to place an order with us? Simply follow the next steps for an easy and painless process.

Initial Contact: 

1.      You take your measurements and send in the order form with any pictures, drawings or ideas of what you are looking for, along with your personal information. (Note: Everything you send to us is confidential!) Also, let us know if you have a preference for the type of fabrics you would like. Any embellishments are certainly your choice as well. This is the time to send a full-length photo of yourself.  This helps in the design process and may help us formulate any questions to ask you. 

   Design Process: 

2.     Over the phone, we will discuss further your design type, fabric choices, what your occasion is, and the time frame, deposits, and payments. We can only allow an hour for this discussion so as not to disrupt the production of other projects in the works. (Someday that may be yours!) Please be understanding of this time constraint. Before we go further and shop for materials we will require a $150 non-refundable deposit. This is deducted from the final payment when your corset is finished. If for some reason you decide along the way to cancel your order, the deposit is relinquished to cover the cost of time spent on your project thus far.  If you wish to make regular payments through the construction of your corset do not hesitate to ask and arrangements can be made.


3.    We now send you through email (by photos) or snail mail whichever you choose, your sketch, fabric samples, trim samples, the estimate of the cost and time frame that can be expected. If you live within traveling distance we would be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you. This can be done at our workplace or your place of choice.

When you have approved the materials we can proceed with the construction of your corset. We then begin to draft your pattern and send a mock-up corset for you to try on.  You will agree to send full length and close up photos of yourself in the mock-up corset through emails. 

Included with your mock-up will be instructions. These instructions will outline the steps you can take to help us perfect your corset. Good photos will help us immensely with a good fit for your final corset.

4.  After you receive the photos of your finished corset the remaining payment must be made before we send it to you or you pick up your corset.  We request that you try on your new corset as soon as possible so as to notify us by email of anything that may be amiss that we need to take care of to your satisfaction. You will have 14 days to do so.

Congratulations!! You are now the proud owner of a beautiful custom made, original design corset from Sultry Lady Corsets!!

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