Necessary Information

Putting Your Corset On For The First Time

A corset is a unique clothing item. It requires the correct way to put it on, wear it, store it, care and clean it. Doing it correctly will keep your exclusive garment in perfect shape for generations of time.  Here is the necessary information that you will need to help you with that process.

Before you begin to don your new corset you will want to put on whatever undergarments, as well as stockings, shoes or boots that you want to wear. It will be quite difficult to get your stockings on when you can’t bend at the waist, even if you have help!

It is really best if you have help getting into your corset; imperative if you are wearing an overbust corset! Waist cinchers do not have the weight that full corsets have and you can learn to get into them by yourself over time.

Step By Step Process

1.   Start by unhooking the front busk and unlacing the back as much as possible, or until you can comfortably wrap the corset around you.

2.   Then begin by placing the corset behind you, centering the back modesty panel in the center of your back with the waist of the corset situated at your waistline. Bring the corset around to the front and hook up the front busk.

3.   Some people start the hooking process at the bottom. However, I prefer to start at the top and work my way down. This seems to help the corset position to stay in place better. Holding a finger on the top hook also helps to keep it attached at this point. Take your time. Try your best to avoid frustration.

If the corset is new it may appear that some of the pins don’t line up. They do indeed line up as they are evenly welding into place and cannot move. After several wearings, these will have more flexibility and will go together easily.

Now that you have the front secured, you can start lacing the back.

4.   Holding on to the corset with a flat hand on the front panel, draw up the “loops” that are located at the waist where the long tab for holding the lacing on the modesty panel is. Give this a good tug, pulling out a lot of the lacing. This holds the corset at the waistline for proper placement. If you desire to add bust enhancement pads, this is the time to put them in!

5.   Now go to the top and begin to draw up the lacing, working your way down to the waist. At the waist, draw up the excess by pulling it out through the “loops”.

6.   Next, go to the bottom of the corset and draw up the excess towards the waist. When you have achieved the maximum amount of cinching that you desire, tie off the “loops” as you would tie a shoe.

7.   NEVER wrap the ties around to the front. This not only looks tacky but can ruin the fabric and the embellishments on the corset very quickly.

Storing, Care & Cleaning

Always loosen up the back lacing of your corset and then unhook the busk, before removing it from your body.  Resist the urge to just unhook the front busk for immediate removal! To put undue strain on the busk like that could cause the “hooks” or “pins” to break off, damaging your corset. To replace the front busk is a substantial undertaking if it can even be done, and your corset will never look the same again. I repeat, loosen the laces before you remove your corset!

Protecting With Scotchgard®

After removing your corset, it needs to be hand cleaned and aired out before your next wearing. The inside can be cleaned with a damp cloth. We protect your corset with Scotch Gard spray to the inner lining before shipment. Over time this protection can be washed or rubbed off, requiring another application of spray Scotch Gard. Do NOT spray the outside of the corset! It can change the appearance or color of some fabrics and can damage the embellishments.

Also, do not spray pleather or vinyl. In between the occasional applications of Scotch Gard you may want to mist the inside of your corset with a fine quality linen spray or Febreeze. Your corset can then be attached to a skirt hanger and aired in a location free from heat (or direct sunlight!).

Corset Washing

Do not hang your corset in direct sunlight or even a sunny window. Sadly enough, sunlight will damage your corset as the washing machine will. Never completely soak your corset in water, even to hand wash. Your corset is made with a variety of fabrics, some containing sizing that gives the fabric a crisp, new look. Once this sizing is completely washed out the fabric will change dramatically in appearance. Also, fully submerging your corset can cause the inner steel parts to rust and bleed through to the outer layers causing permanent damage to your corset.

How Do I Clean My Corset?

Because your corset is made up of a variety of layers; linings, inner linings, casings and embellishments, a wet corset could take days to dry! Like a wet towel wadded up and left in the corner to dry, the corset could mildew. The bad smell, ugly green stains, as well as the health hazard resulting from the mildew should be avoided at all cost.

Do Not Use The Washing Machine

Do not attempt to put your corset in the washing machine, no matter what kind of machine you have! Handcrafted corsets are made with steel boning that can rust and bleed through to your outside & inside fabric, and fabrics that often require sizing to keep them looking “like new”. Special embellishments are very delicate and must be treated as such. You wouldn’t throw an expensive wristwatch into the washing machine now, would you?

We carefully select the embellishments to match the theme of the corset and many of them are one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found again. The many embellishments of fringe, delicate fabrics, glass, and metal parts are not meant to be subjected to machine washing. So remember: machine washing or dry cleaning can be the death of your beautifully handcrafted corset! Because of that we highly recommend, (to put it nicely), gentle spot cleaning.

Inner Liner

If you have a tendency to perspire excessively, we recommend a thin silk undergarment to be worn to protect your corset. These can be purchased at various sites on the internet. Thin silk camisoles can be worn underneath with the straps tucked in at the top. This can also protect against deodorant residue on your corset.

If requested, a separate inner lining can be made at an extra cost. This lining can be detached for washing.

In the early eras, corsets were worn daily by most everyone. If a corset or ensemble was soiled beyond surface cleaning, they simply discarded them and had new ones made!

Storing Your Corset

Store your beautiful handcrafted corset by clipping it to a skirt hanger very carefully with felt tabs (provided) between the clip and the corset. This will prevent excess marks on the garment. Please do not roll your corset or stuff it in a closet that is tightly packed. The exclusive decoration can cause permanent unsightly marks or damage to the garment that you will regret later. We are not responsible for that damage.

Then cover your corset with the garment bag provided. In other words: hold garment upright, fold the felt pieces over the edge of the corset where the clip is going to attach, covering both the inside and outside edge. Attach the clip. Then cover the corset with a garment bag.

Bridal Corsets

Since I have been asked, I do make bridal or wedding corsets and the accompanying pieces as well. I have had a previous business of custom bridal gowns, formal wear, and tuxedos. I am well aware of the desire to have something unique for your special day. Please understand that your wedding corset ensemble would require an ample amount of time to create and construct. It would be something that I create (with your input of course) without boundaries on my imagination and would be something ‘uniquely you’.



  1. We use multiple layers of fabrics in the construction.
  2. Each seam or boning channel has two rows of heavy duty boning.
  3. A modesty panel in front and back are included at no extra cost.
  4. Heavy duty grommets and durable lacing.
  5. Custom fit to your measurements, with a mock-up muslin first (at no extra cost!)
  6. FREE cloth corset cover to protect your valuable investment.
  7. We are easy to communicate with and are available for all your questions and needs.
  8. We will make any extra items for your personalized outfit. Or we will direct you to someone who can.
  9. Completely original design guaranteed to capture attention.
  10. The BEST choice top create and construct your beautiful custom corset!

Branding and Exclusive Pearl Tag

At Sultry Lady Corsets, we strive to do everything differently. We want to be known as ‘just a little bit better’. A notch above the rest. One of the ways that we accomplish this is with our exclusive branding. Our specialized labels and ribbons show continuity throughout our designs. We have a proprietary pearl tag engraved with our Sultry Lady Corsets name. You will not find it anywhere else. Do not settle for a cheap imitation. Look for the Sultry lady Corsets name and you will find real quality.


 Please stay in communication with us as we will with you, by answering phone calls, texts and emails within 48 hours! We try to stay in touch by emails or text so that we can attend to all clients fairly, however, if we just have a quick question or need to speak more in depth we may phone you. If you cannot respond right then, we understand. However, if you do not get back to us within 48 hours it may impede the production of another garment.

Texting is a very convenient form of communication for us and does not interrupt a conversation so we use it on a regular basis to keep in touch. Please let us know If this does not work for you.

If we do not hear from you within 2 weeks your order will be canceled. Your deposit will then be forfeited. We will then have the right to sell the garment to another client or destroy it at will.


  If and when you have an appointment with us at our place of business, you must be on time. When someone fails to make their scheduled appointment on time it can throw off an entire weeks’ worth of work. To be 15-30 minutes (or more) late for your appointment would be like us taking a phone call during your appointment and making you wait for half an hour while we talked to someone else! Your time is valuable, and so is ours.

Our penalties may seem harsh but we have learned from experience that fairness to everyone means consideration by everyone as well. We would prefer you to cancel or reschedule an appointment instead of coming late and expecting the same consideration you would get if you were on time.

Late Fees

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be charged at a fee of $75. This fee will be added to your final bill.

The second time this occurs, another fee of $75 will be added. The third time, your order will be canceled. All money and deposits paid up until then AND your corset will be forfeited.

You will lose your corset as we do not want anyone else to complete our work.


If you are unable to make your appointment and need to reschedule, please do so as soon as possible! If you reschedule at least a week in advance, you will not be penalized with a fee. Life happens.

Please understand, however, our time is extremely valuable to us. If you are repeatedly canceling your appointment we can assume that your garment is not a priority for you as it is for us. Heartbreaking but true.