Pirate Costume Play

pirate wench corset-Katherine


Wikipedia states, “Women were often regarded as bad luck among pirates. It was feared that arguments would break out between the male members of the crew about them”. But our pirate wench corset-Katherine had no fear. Shade your eyes and look to the sea as the pirates set sail. With the promise of a better way of life and the chance to make a fortune, they set out for the West Indies. They “fought and conquered, and none dared call her ‘bad luck’”. One trend that was especially popular among female pirates of the Caribbean ocean was incorporating common sailing equipment into their clothing. They used fishing nets, jackstays, trunnels, chocks and cordage. Hence the contemporary term, fishnet stockings. Imitating the adventuresome pirates has certainly been a favorite past time for many. With the scores of legends and tales of buried treasure, it has captured the hearts of many.  For that reason, we wish to assist you with your exciting adventure.


In the mood for pirate costume play? Take note of our pirate wench corset named Katherine, as she sets sail for the open seas. This corset is made of the finest brocade and simple cotton fabrics. At the front are a skull and pirate cloth, with heavy black brocade. At center bust, we added grommets and leather lacing to close it. Side slits with lacing and a velvet trim enhance the front even more. Dangling from small brass rings are beads, pearls, and coins from around the world!


We made our very own exclusive pirate costume buccaneer feathered hat because we couldn’t find one that we liked. Every Buccaneer and pirate on the Ivory Coast showed his or her significant worth with a flamboyant and ostentatious hat! Our version of the Sultry Lady Corsets pirate hat is not to be outdone. It is no weak imitation but rather a well-made piece that any millinery shop would set as their showpiece. Adjust your hat and set sail on the high seas to find your booty. Starting with black felt we added elaborate gold metallic braid trim and red satin piping along the brim. Then we topped this off with white Marabou feathers along the edge. It Flaunts a hand painted pirate skull and crossbones on the front. Next, we added Swarovski crystals for the “punch drunk” eyes, hence, beady red. The decorative pin is “stolen” from a mistress’s boudoir. And finally, feathers of ostrich, peacock, and some unknown and now naked bird. Each one of our dashing pirate costume buccaneer hats is truly an original. Wear it for good luck as it will endure through many pirate raids.


Our pirate costume items and other fetish corsets can be worn with our adjustable ten paneled black taffeta skirt. Finish off the pirate costume with our white peasant blouse and buccaneer hat with Swarovski crystals.


The finest construction is guaranteed as just one of the many advantages of purchasing a custom corset from Sultry Lady Corsets. We start with a mock-up corset made of your design, cut from heavy-duty fabric. The mock-up is altered until it fits you perfectly. These steps toward perfection take time but make the final completed corset sublime. We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use. We use strong flat steel boning, steel grommets, heavyweight hair canvas interfacing, tight woven coutil lining, and durable nylon lacing. Because of this, you will have one of the finest custom-made corsets on the market. And because we use decorative beads to beautify the tie ends, you never have to sacrifice appearance over durability.


Our trademark designer ribbons and label on the inside. However, the most noteworthy item is the proprietary Sultry Lady Corsets pearl tag for that distinctive finish. sultryladycorsets.com