cosplay costume corset

Cosplay Costume corset

Let cosplay costume corset- Jade express your imagination. It is made of a material that changes color from the heat of your body, the sun, or warm hands! In natural light, it changes from a teal green to rich purple. The center front plunges to a deep V.

The top portion in front is held up with channels of cotton cording and steel boning. The finished composition has rivets, silver rings, spearheads, and finally chain. This cosplay costume corset- Jade has the look of the industrial revolution. The bust sections have welting and internal stiffening, as do the side gussets.

The substantial fabrication is just one of the many advantages of purchasing a custom corset from Sultry Lady Corsets. We always guarantee the finest construction.
We start with a mock-up corset made of your design, cut from heavy-duty fabric. The mock-up is then altered until it fits you perfectly. These steps toward perfection take time but make the final corset sublime.

We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use. Therefore we use strong flat steel boning, steel grommets, heavyweight hair canvas interfacing, tight woven coutil lining, and durable nylon lacing. Because of this, you will have one of the finest custom-made corsets there is.

We use decorative beads to beautify the tie ends, and custom color coordinated grommets. Because of this you never have to sacrifice appearance over durability.
Our trademark designer ribbons and label are on the inside.

However, the most noteworthy item is the proprietary Sultry Lady Corsets pearl tag for that distinctive finish.

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