Custom Corsets

Custom Corsets by Sultry Lady Corsets

Custom Corsets by Sultry Lady Corsets

The design and fabrication of our custom corsets are the highest quality. This is because they are constructed by experienced and skilled seamstresses. Furthermore, we only make our corsets from the best quality materials and adornments you can find.

  • Corset Covers are standard and come complimentary with each corset sold.
  • Double Boning is standard, with steel busks and boning. As a result, this will retain the shape and durability of your beautiful, handcrafted corset for years to follow.
  • The Modesty Panel in the back is standard. If one in front is required, it is included in the price.
  • A mock-up muslin is made from your corset style and measurements. This mock-up is sent to you for a self-fitting. Hence the fit will be perfect before we begin.

Our Inspiration

We have taken our inspirations from various time periods. Then we combined them for a unique display of original fashion. Consequently, each corset design is different. It is customized to the look you wish to achieve.

From the Victorian period, we have taken the hourglass shape. This shape enhances the bust and exaggerates the curvaceous female body.

We then garnished from the Edwardian time period the need for physical comfort. From this, we designed a corset that can be as comfortable as it is striking.

Our innovative designs help you to create a vision of incomparable beauty. We are here to provide a wide range of unlimited ideas.

Our Vision

Our desire is to beautify and adorn the modern day woman. We do this with extravagant and tasteful corsetry.  This will certainly highlight your most dazzling attributes.

We have taken today’s corsetry a step further.  We can enhance and embellish the design to the point of costuming.  This will make you a show stopper, and the center of attention.

With Sultry Lady Corsets, your fashion sense is never dull and ordinary. You have just been updated to the extraordinary.

Materials and Fabrication

We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use. There is strong flat steel boning, steel grommets, heavyweight hair canvas interfacing. Furthermore, we use tight woven coutil lining and durable nylon lacing. Because of this, you will have one of the finest custom-made corsets there is. And because we use custom color coordinated grommets, you never have to sacrifice appearance.

Our Trademark Touches

Our trademark designer ribbons and label on the inside. However, the most noteworthy item is the proprietary Sultry Lady Corsets pearl tag. This is for that distinctive finish.

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