fetish corsets

Fetish Corset: Dictionary.com describes fetish as “an object regarded with awe as having magical potency”.

Fetish Corset Jezebel

The fetish vinyl corset-Jezebel is certainly a unique underbust corset. It can be worn to your next fetish ball, or to an enticing evening event.

It has the zip out panels in front for various looks. As an underbust corset, it cinches in the waist to tantalize the viewer. The bright red vinyl panels we have shown in front can be unzipped and replaced with another color. You can choose to go with a black vinyl back and side, and have different colors in front to replace the red. Deep side slits have grommets with lacing which can be adjusted for fit and comfort as well.

Consequently, it may give you all the power you need to dominate or be just completely sultry.

Materials and Fabrication

We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use. There is strong flat steel boning, steel grommets, heavyweight hair canvas interfacing. Furthermore, we use tight woven coutil lining and durable nylon lacing. Because of this, you will have one of the finest custom-made corsets there is. And because we use custom color coordinated grommets, you never have to sacrifice appearance.

Our Trademark Touches

Our trademark designer ribbons and label on the inside. However, the most noteworthy item is the proprietary Sultry Lady Corsets pearl tag. This is for that distinctive finish.

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