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Gift Certificates from Sultry Lady Corsets

Our Sultry Lady Corsets Gift Certificates are the perfect presentation! Are you seeking that perfect gift that is guaranteed to please? You’ve come to the right place.

How We Can Help

Face it; you have searched for hours in an attempt to find that perfect unique gift that will surprise her and impress her all at once. You searched online for hours and everything seems redundant. Your pursuit is finally over. A gift certificate from Sultry Lady Corsets is the most unique gift that you will ever find. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Your special someone will remember your thoughtfulness forever as their fantasy becomes a reality.


You have heard that presentation is everything. It’s true! From the meal, you are served at that expensive restaurant, to the shirt you just bought from the store that hands your purchase to you. When I mention a presentation such as that, does a particular restaurant or store come to mind? Of course, it does!

Presentation matters. The proper presentation makes you feel that you are someone special. It makes you feel appreciated and honored. We all want to feel that way.

At Sultry Lady Corsets, we have built our business on the correct presentation. We believe that the appropriate delivery is everything. Because you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.
Our beautiful hand-crafted items are made with the utmost care. Then, we package and deliver them in the best way possible. If you have a special request with the delivery. Just let us know. We are happy to please.

The Construction Process

Before we begin the assembly of the corset, we first make a mock-up of your design. This copy, or mock-up, is cut from heavy-duty fabric to replicate your finished corset. Next, an ink pen is used to draw on the mock-up for changes that need to be made. And finally, the mock-up is altered by the seamstress until it fits perfectly. Only then will the actual construction begin. These steps toward perfection take time but are the details that make the final completed corset sublime.

Materials and Enhancements

We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use in the assembly of any of our merchandise. With strong flat steel boning, steel grommets, heavyweight hair canvas interfacing, tight woven coutil lining, and durable nylon lacing, you have one of the finest custom-made corsets on the market. And because we use decorative aglets (or beads) to beautify the tie ends, and custom color coordinated grommets, you never have to sacrifice appearance over durability. And don’t forget the cloth corset cover that comes with every Sultry Lady Corset to keep your prized possession protected.

Our Trademark Touches

In conclusion, the substantial fabrication is just one of the many premium advantages of purchasing a custom corset or item from Sultry Lady Corsets. We stand behind our work and guarantee the finest construction that stands the test of time.

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