adjustable ten panel black taffeta skirt

Adjustable Ten Paneled Black Taffeta Skirt

Behold our crisp adjustable ten paneled black taffeta skirt for fullness. We searched in vain for a skirt to go with our costume corsets, so we made one of our own. The skirt length can be adjusted to long or short with the drawstrings on each panel, in a matter of minutes. And, changing the length of each panel is as easy as tying a bow. In addition, this makes for several different looks in one skirt and more costumes and outfits that it can go with.

Enhancements and Additions:

Furthermore, this skirt has faux leather straps and brass buckles to hold up the front panel sections. This is especially relevant to display the stockings and garters for the bold pirate wench. Or perhaps your preference is the steampunk venue with flirtatious intent. Also, a bohemian flair can be seen in this black flowing skirt. Layer it up, add a scarf and boots, and you have a carefree gypsy “wardrobe”. Rather than hiding behind your skirts, your attributes are visible. Either an assortment of enhancements can be displayed off the front straps, or it can be left plain and simple.

Costume Collections:

Whether you fancy yourself in steampunk attire or as a seductive, sword-wielding-pirate-wench; you’re properly outfitted for the occasion. And don’t forget your Renaissance costume! With a swish of your black taffeta skirt and our white peasant blouse, you’ll have all eyes on you.
It is a charming Sultry Lady Corsets exclusive. A beautiful addition to our steampunk Veronique and mardi gras Sophia, corsets. You can also pair it with the white peasant blouse for our pirate wench Katherine corset or the Tiffany waist cincher.

In conclusion, the size and length of the skirt are made to your specifications. All items at Sultry Lady Corsets are custom made.

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