Pirate Underbust Corset

With our Pirate-Underbust-Corset-Waist Cincher, you’ll be the envy of the high seas! If you dare to bend the rules, you can sail the high seas and bring home the booty. Furthermore, with your own overbust or waist cincher pirate corset by Sultry Lady Corsets, you can turn to piracy with dignity.

Elements and Enhancements:

This special underbust corset has the body portion made of a splashy green and silver brocade inner twined with metallic threads. Furthermore, this elaborate waist cincher is trimmed with a heavy black braid inserted with black velvet ribbon. This is attached to the front and back of the corset.

At the front, the trim is embellished at the ends with ornate silver metal buttons complete with pearl centers. As always, you need the reminder of the stolen loot. In addition, it is finished top and bottom with faux leather trim. Since a smaller waistline is achieved by tight corset lacing, we make sure the grommets are fully secured. The nylon lacing is always heavy duty.

Finishing Touches:

In conclusion, the finishing of the waist cincher or underbust corset, will have the same signature labels, ribbons, and exclusive pearl label as the full body corsets.
As with every Sultry Lady product, this underbust corset is made to your measurements. While it will not have the typical heavy duty fabric ‘mock-up’ fitting, it will be constructed with the same care and attention to size and detail, as all of our other products.

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