White Peasant Blouse

white peasant blouse

We couldn’t find a White Peasant Blouse in the style that we wanted so we came up with our own. Every pirate wench that sets sail on the high seas is in need of the proper attire. And our white peasant blouse is perfect for the job.

Elements and Enhancements

With elastic under the bust, around the neckline and at the wrists, this blouse will soon be one of your most favorite. Since we didn’t want it too thin, we searched until we found the gauze fabric with just the right weight. Then the texture was important too as we wanted a quality product.

Our Sultry Lady Corsets White Peasant Blouse is versatile, comfortable and affordable. Made of white gauze fabric.

Our Signature Finishing Touches

In conclusion, the substantial fabrication is just one of the many premium advantages of purchasing a custom corset or accessory from Sultry Lady Corsets.

We stand behind our work and guarantee the finest construction that stands the test of time. Our products are exclusive of ornamentation and made with the finest care.

We do not cut corners on the quality of the products we use in the assembly of any of our merchandise. And you never have to sacrifice appearance over durability.

Finishing it off are our trademark designer ribbons and label on the inside. However, the most noteworthy item is the proprietary Sultry Lady Corsets pearl tag for that distinctive finish.

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